Crowns are full coverage restorations used to repair a tooth that is at risk of breaking or is too damaged to be fixed with a filling. They’re usually done after a root canal or when a big filling has worn out.

A crown is more likely to be required if the cavity is big. Even after a significant cavity has been filled, the tooth is more prone to shatter, necessitating the need for a crown. Because jaw muscles are among the strongest in the human body, teeth are subjected to extreme pressure. Crowns are advantageous because they provide strength and protection against breaking by covering the weaker tooth.

With the use of our modern technology, we can reconstruct a tooth with a crown in just one day at The Cosmetic Clinic. Traditionally, restoring a tooth with a crown required two sessions. The tooth is prepared for the crown at the first session by removing any decay and shaping it to accept the crown. After that, an imprint of the tooth is taken to be used in the fabrication of a crown. The crown is commonly formed of high-strength porcelain over gold alloy, entirely ceramic material, or gold between the two visits. A temporary crown is worn throughout this period. This temporary is eliminated on the second visit. The permanent crown is then glued in place and modified as needed.