Pediatric Dentistry services are provided by the Cosmetic Clinic and include preventative and therapeutic treatment for newborns, children, and adolescents. Our dentists have extensive expertise in treating youngsters and are familiar with their specific dental health requirements.


We recognise that going to the dentist may be frightening for children. Our services are intended to make children feel at ease and at home, and our dental team is specially educated to care for children. We also recognise that not every child is the same. Our paediatric dentists will monitor your child’s dental health throughout time and offer advice and treatment to help them maintain a healthy mouth in the long run. From teething babies to self-conscious teens, we provide dental treatment based on significant clinical expertise and comprehensive dental research.


Because children’s teeth are more vulnerable to dental decay and gum disease, we make sure they get enough fluoride and utilise pit and fissure sealants as necessary. The Cosmetic Clinic, Pediatric Dentistry also instructs patients and their families on correct brushing and flossing procedures, as well as foods that are known to encourage tooth decay. Our mission is to be a driving force in the promotion of long-term oral health behaviours.