If you’re afraid of needles, don’t worry; we can now numb you with a paste, spray, or solution that doesn’t require an injection. Instead of the needle pricking your lips and gums and the liquid expanding your lips and gums, the solution enters through a digitally controlled dispenser that drops the solution in drop by drop, nearly imperceptible.

As dentists, we are committed to delivering care in a safe, non-traumatic, and pain-free environment. Every time you come to see us, we want you to feel at ease.

We employ a variety of sedative and pain control strategies to ensure that treatments are delivered and completed in a relaxing environment. When determining the optimal method, we will evaluate the operation you require, your degree of anxiety, and your overall health. Medication that can block or modulate pain centres in the brain has made significant progress in the field of pharmacology.

We may now pick from a number of medications, ranging from oral medications to inhaling gases through a mask, to reduce your anxiety throughout the treatment to the point where you don’t feel or notice discomfort. Only a chronic soreness in the back of your mouth, which you have been ignoring, is still a source of concern. As difficult as it may seem, the fact is that, with the latest technology, a relaxing atmosphere, and a variety of diversion strategies, a dentist appointment can actually be enjoyable and save you a lot of suffering in the future!