The Cosmetic Clinic is the best clinic for Permanent Tattoo Removal in Kalyan. We offer safe and effective laser tattoo removal in Kalyan at affordable cost.

It’s possible that at some point in life, you would like to reverse the decision that led to your permanent tattoo, mole, tag. At The Cosmetic Clinic, we offer an effective solution. Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive treatment option that can safely remove permanent tattoos from any part of the body.

Our advanced Q-switched lasers work by shattering the pigment particles deep within the skin, allowing your own immune system to then scavenge and remove that pigment. Consequently, as the tattoo fades in layers, multiple sessions are required for optimum results. At least 4-6 sessions are recommended, for all but the simplest of tattoos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful to remove tattoo, mole, tag?

Laser tattoo, mole, tag removal typically does involve some level of pain. That said, many say that it hurts less than they expected. It’s a common belief that tattoo removal is excruciating, yet most patients say that the sensation of removal is comparable to having a tattoo applied.

Is laser tattoo, mole, tag removal safe?

Laser treatment is often safer than many other tattoo, mole, tag removal methods, such as excision, dermabrasion, or salabrasion because laser treatment selectively treats the pigment in the tattoo. And there are very few side effects. It’s unlikely that your tattoo will be completely removed.